The Human aspect in AI

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Versiusinvents, develops, produces and brings to the market. The focus is on innovations in the domain of IoT, data driven applications and AI. With these innovations spaces become a living digital enitywith senses and a voice which talks in natural language over all common media and channels. We innovate with the aim to increase safety, make buildings smarter, more energy efficient and durable, with an emphasisonhealth.

The current projects are true innovation, the producstare on the brink of being tested in the field, followed by the go to market in Q4 2024. Versiusworks with partners in a variety of verticals, clients range from housing companies and cooperations, hospitals, to public transport, health and industrial applications.

What problem do you aim to solve?

Versiusinnovatiesoperate in open space, building andweaim to make houses, intelligent with this technology. We create digital senses and awareness for spaces by using vison, hearing, a sense of smell. The AI learns form human behavior and use of spaces and is able to

Why is your solution special?

We make develop a digital entity which is aware of people and the way they use space. This entity helps to keep user safe and healtly, but also looks at aspects in durability and energy use.

Mission for MWC

Our mission for MWC is to get in contact with companies that would like to cooperate with us to enable our technology.

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Development of data and AI driven products and applications in the field of data driven applications, IoT and AI. R&D, Marketing, Product Development, CEO / CTO / CPO, Product Management of smart and intelligent products.sensorsand detector. IoT and AI platform development. Large Language Model development for specific use cases.

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Winston Mendeszoon

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