Strategically combating climate change efficiently

Company profile

To achieve this, the Group relies on its major strengths: its independent business model combining growth and profitability, the essential nature of its technical services and its position throughout the value chain of its customers’ facilities, from their design to their maintenance. SPIE’s local presence in all sectors of the economy also enables it to multiply practical innovations and share them widely from one sector to another.

What problem do you aim to solve?

Preparing for the energy future developing a digital tool for creating shared value promoting inclusion through employment.

Why is your solution special?

We think, combine and act together with the client to listen, create and solve the challenges for its clients, in this we work together in an ecosystem with partners and suppliers to deliver the best solution needed.

Mission for MWC

Creating a wide range of expertise enabling the company to deal with this complexity and diversity by adding partners and solutions.

Top 3 countries of interest

The Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Austria, EU

Want to meet the following types of companies and individuals

Partners, specialists who want to work together, who are open to share their knowledge and with whom we can make profit and solve the environmental, social and governance challenges.

Present at MWC

Jacco Saaman
Director Innovation, Business Development, Sales

John Besamusca
Businessunit Director ICS

More info

Website: spie.com

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