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Company profile

Q*Bird B.V. is a deeptechstartup that has developed a unique quantum cryptography product that is based on the fundamental laws of nature, providing provable security against any attack, including those from future quantum computers.

It is Q*Bird’s goal to protect data communications and digital infrastructure with their products, as well as to provide the fundaments for the forthcoming quantum internet.

What problem(s) do you aim to solve?

Securing our data communications and digital infrastructure is a critical challenge of our ever more connected society. Encryption of our data relies on very difficult math problems that are very difficult for computers to solve.

A future quantum computer, or even already existing very powerful computers will be able to solve these math problems, and thus hack our encrypted data. This is already important now, because some of these data need to be kept safe for years. And malicious entities can steal data now, and decrypt it later once a quantum computer is available.

Why is/are your solution(s) special?

We propose a solution based on the same quantum technology. Quantum cryptography uses the fundaments of nature to protect our communications –even against an attack by a future quantum computer.

We have developed a product that can provide this security and is scalable to multiple users in large networks. In the future, this technology will also enable connections between quantum processors and be a cornerstone of the quantum internet!

Mission for MWC

Promote Q*Bird’s products to provide quantum secured communications to governments, critical infrastructures, financial institutions and enterprises. We aim to work together with network and service providers to upgrade existing networks.

Top 3 countries of interest

Benelux, Germany, France, Spain

Want to meet the following types of companies and individuals

Telco’s, service providers and network equipment providers.

Present at MWC

Ingrid Romijn

Remon Berrevoets

More info

Website: q-bird.nl

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