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Company profile

Eurofiberis a provider of industry-leading open digital infrastructure in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Utilizing our 70,500 km fiberoptic network and ten datacenters, we empower the digital societies of the countries in which we operate. Our customer base consists of companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations.

What problem(s) do you aim to solve?

Businesses and organizations are highly dependent on the reliability of their connectivity and cloud solutions. Eurofiber provides them with a range of high quality, secure, future-proof solutions.

Why is/are your solution(s) special?

Eurofiber had a unique footprint in Western Europe. Our fiberoptic network is open, accessible for all companies and organizations. Our customers have complete freedom to choose the services, applications and providers they need, allowing them to tap into the full potential of digital innovation. Eurofiber is laying the foundation under the digital society, which is why the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has assigned Eurofiber the status of ‘vital infrastructure’.

Mission for MWC

Connecting people in the business.Focus on today and future innovations of ICT & fiber network such as security (redundancy), Quantum (QKD), 5G and ESG.

Top 3 countries of interest

Eurofiber is located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

Want to meet the following types of companies and individuals

Strategic partners and costumers in business, innovation & media.

Present at MWC

Paul Naastepad
Managing Director Eurofiber Nederland

Norian Wasch
Group Director Procurement

Vineeta Singh
Senior Procurement Specialist

Jeroen Thijsen
Business Development Manager Innovation

Marc Hulzebos
Business Innovation Officer

Jeroen Kanselaar
Manager ESG

Hans den Heijer
Media Relations & PR Manager

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