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Created in 2015 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Ampleonis shaped by nearly 60 years of RF Power leadership. The company envisions to advance society through innovative RF solutions based on GaNand LDMOS technologies. Ampleonis dedicated to being the partner of choice by delivering high-quality, high-performance RF products with its world-class talent. The portfolio offers flexibility in scaling design and production for any volume and addresses applications for 4G LTE, 5G NR infrastructure, industrial, scientific, medical, broadcast, navigation and safety radio applications. Customers benefit from Ampleonbeing a one-stop-partner for RF Power solutions

What problem(s) do you aim to solve?

We offer RF Power solutions addressing the market segments Wireless Infrastructure, Navigation and Safety Radio, Broadcast, Industrial, Scientific and Medical

Why is/are your solution(s) special?

Mission for MWC

Facilitate a fairer digital society of the future by providing connectivity to complementing partnerships.

Top 3 countries of interest

We operate globally

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Radio access network equipment manufacturers

Present at MWC

Vincent Gerritsma
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Stolk
Chief Technology Officer

Wei Li
Senior Vice President Sales

Olli Harju
Vice President Marketing

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